[ISSUE # 22]The Art of Silliness(Gag-A-Week Comics)

UPDATE: August 22, 2017

Ahoy there,

This week’s comic strip:

August 16, 2017

Hey there,

New comic strip for this week:

August 9, 2017

Hi guys,

Here’s a brand new Killer Kamote Komiks comic strip! It’s also my feeble attempt to “draw the Marvel/DC/Image or any other mainstream comics way.” Although I think I failed miserably. I need to practice drawing the human anatomy much more and I know I still have a long way to go before I can truly draw that way. I’m going to take a break making comics with storylines similar to the older issues of Killer Kamote Komiks, the single issue ones or issues with succeeding issues/series ones. I’m going to continue making this kind of comics for a while, like a gag-a-week comics, something light for me to do every week or so, so that I’ll still have some time for the personal/daily things that I need to do in my life. I also got the joke for today’s comic strip from a friend of mine and sometimes I also change the gender of the characters on my comics, for example whenever a male friend of mine does or says something funny, sometimes I use the joke on my comics but the character becomes a female because sometimes changing the gender would make the comics funnier. Anyway, if you guys are curious on my influences regarding my art and writing style, you can read an old blog post I wrote before here.

Thank you for your time!