Mr. Right (Illustration)

August 16, 2016. My illustration for today. Some good friends of mine (Carlo, Luis and Mike) asked me to do this. It’s a bit funny if you’d think about it. This guy is supposed to be some kind of a big muscular guy singing this super cheesy song. :D



Fan art that I made

August 13, 2016

I Spent today’s rainy afternoon drawing some fan art of Cartoon Network’s, “Clarence”. I’m a big fan of cartoons like Clarence, We Bare Bears and a lot more. :)


The illustration below is also a fan art that I made before, We Bare Bears. Albeit, this one needs a lot more polishing because this is just a quick and a rough illustration that I still need to spend a lot more time. :)



The Spirit of a Soda (Aug 2016)

Hey there,

If you have some free time, you can now read my latest comics. I was planning to color this latest comics of mine but I decided to just post this now without any colors. I cannot be bothered by this anymore. I’ll just add colors to the comics that I’ll make in the future. Anyway, here it is: The Spirit of a Soda. :D


NOTE (a few hours after I posted this comics): Someone pointed out why is there a bottle of dishwashing liquid on a fridge. That’s a mistake I didn’t thought while I was still writing the script for this comics and I didn’t notice it either. But anyway, I can’t do anything about this now. If I’ll try to fix it, I’ll have to draw pages again so please just don’t mind that thing anymore. :)

PDF format:

Jpeg format:
00-The Spirit of a Soda-CoverPage

01-The Spirit of a Soda-low-res

02-The Spirit of a Soda-low-res

03-The Spirit of a Soda-low-res

04-The Spirit of a Soda-low-res

05-The Spirit of a Soda-low-res

06-The Spirit of a Soda-low-res

07-The Spirit of a Soda-low-res

08-The Spirit of a Soda-low-res

09-The Spirit of a Soda-low-res

10-Spirit of the Soda - Thank you page


Indieket, August 6, 2016

August 7, 2016.

Just want to make this post really short. :) I had a blast yesterday attending Indieket 2016. Some pics from the event below. I want to thank everyone who bought Chain Mason’s newest comic anthology, Pikon and to those who visited our table.


Comics that I bought from the event. The best thing I got from this comic event is this book about Ms Sophie Crumb. :)



Slow (Aug 2, 2016)

Hello all,

I just started my gag-a-week comics again. This is the first one and for a change, I added flat colors. Hope you like it. I also hope you guys would also drop by at our table this coming Saturday at Indieket and check out our newest anthology, Pikon. We also have our own individual comics that we will sell at the event. Some of our members on our comic group Chain Mason are also included in the comic, Sulyap Anthology, Patrick Enrique and Sherwin Sablaon. :)

Thank you for your time.


I will continue my gag-a-week comic strip, next week so keep on checking my website! :)

August 2 2016 - Slow - page 01

August 2 2016 - Slow - page 02

Vin and Chain Mason at Indieket 2016


Hello there,

I’ll be attending Indieket this coming August 6, 2016. Our comic group Chain Mason has another comic anthology coming out at the event. I contributed a 3-page comic for this anthology. I’ll also sell my latest comic, Kira and the Canines for 50 pesos. My comic, The Spirit of a Soda will be put to the shelves for a while. Instead, starting next week, I will make gag-a-week comic strips. Sometimes it may be only once a week or sometimes it may be twice or thrice a week so I can take a break creating single issue comics with a story that would normally have more than 10 pages. Thank you for your time. :)

Indieket ad made by Komikon organizers. Cover page of our Pikon Anthology made by Carlo Valenzuela (Coincidence that we both have the same surnames. He’s a friend and a brother of mine here in our local comics scene.) Back page made by Sherwin Sablaon @sirwen11 this is his Instagram account, another friend.



Hello guys,

Just wanted to post this here. If you have some free time, please visit and check out my music at SoundCloud. :)


Thanks a lot!


Journal Sketchbook (July 1, 2016)


I took a break making comics after I posted Kira and the Canines and Other Stories but I drew some things every other day on my journal sketchpad. So here’s an image dump of it.








I just posted this on my instagram account ( ) Here’s a new comics I’m currently developing and planning to make. You can see some rough thumbnails, I’m working on the layout and trying to come up with ideas that I can use on this one. I hope to finish this before Indieket this August 2016 so I can sell it at the said event. The title is, ‘Spirit of the Soda’.


That’s it for now. To everyone reading my comics, I’ll keep you guys posted on my comics, just check out my website (this website) from time to time or my instagram account (the link, above or at the sides of this website, just scroll down and look for the link) as I post updates there most of the time. Thanks for your time.


Kira and the Canines and Other Stories (June 2016)

Hello there,

If you have some free time, you can now read my compiled gag-a-day/week comics that I’ve been doing for a month now, although some of them are from a very long time ago; just wanted to add more pages to this single issue comic. I added those I still have yet to self-publish. I hope you guys like it. I’ll most probably take a break doing single issue comics like this for a while but I’ll post my daily drawings on my journal sketchbook, I think more or less thrice a week. You can check it out on my website and on my instagram page. The links are located below. Thank you for your time!