Having My Own Distinct Style of Writing and Illustrating

January 18, 2017.

Hello people,

Lately, I’m trying to find my own distinct and “own drawing style” and “voice” so that whenever a reader reads my comic (without seeing the credits of the comic first), they would instantly think this was made by this guy. I don’t think so highly of myself though, I just want to have my own style whenever I’m making my own comics and originality comes into place.

Some of my major influences generally when making comics are as follows: Adrian Tomine, Dan Clowes, R. Crumb, Hernandez Bros. just to name a few, that’s for alternative comics (comic book artists and writers). I think it’s really rare to find an alternative comic which is written and drawn by two different people. It’s highly likely that most alternative comics are always made by one person, the writer and artist is the same person. When it comes to mainstream comics like Marvel and DC, I am a fan of Gerry Alanguilan, Leinil yu, Whilce Portacio, Frank Quitely, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and a bit more with the likes of them. I’m really not that of a snubby hipster who only reads indie or alternative comics. There’s always room for me for indie/alternative and mainstream comics. For comics locally, when I was a lot younger, during my elementary days, I used to buy Filipino comics like Pilipino Funny Komiks, Aliwan, Bata Batuta, Pambata Magazine and stuff like that.

My default drawing style is semi-realistic (as best as I could) and you can see this on some of my work like Stacheman, Hibangers, Bad Hair Days. And then whenever I intend to make my comics look cartoony, my major influences are cartoons like We Bare Bears, Adventure Time, Clarence, Gravity Falls and cartoons like I just mentioned. Some of the comics I’ve made with that drawing style are: After School, Kira and the Canines, Mang Gayber and Tabon Kid (which is greatly inspired by R. Crumb’s drawing style and it was actually a short 2D animation, I just converted it to comics form).

Regarding my writing, I already mentioned some of the comic book writers that I am a fan of. I read books from time to time but what I read mostly are comics, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, blogs, webcomics and all sorts of things that a person could read on the internet. Nowadays, technology can easily be in our hands and kids who grew up in the early 2000s can just use the internet to google something and find information on the internet. They don’t need libraries anymore. During my elementary school years, I’d always hang out on our library after school hours and read Dr. Seuss books, Choose Your Own Adventure pocketbooks, Asterix and Obelix, Adventure’s of Tintin comics and books like that. I would borrow them on our school library and bring them home to read them again so that my library card gets stamped by the librarian and make my library card full of stamps. The same goes when I stepped my foot in high school and college but the libraries didn’t have other recreational books like when I was still in my elementary except for textbooks. If you’d think about all the artists and writers that I just mentioned since I was a kid (my major influences on how I write and how I draw) and throughout the years I’ve spent in this world (I am now 34 years old, by the way), I think I can say that my own style of illustrating and writing is just an amalgamation of all of the artists and writers who’ve influenced me in one way or another with their own work. I guess that is also a big part of how I write today. I am really going to try my best to have my own distinct style on the following comics I’m going to make after, “Ice Cube”, coming in February 2017. Perhaps if there’s one thing that gives my work its own “trademark”, it is the silliness that I inject into my comics most of the time.


Ice Cube Cover Page (Issue # 17 for February 2017)


Here’s the cover page for the next issue of Killer Kamote Komiks, entitled, “Ice Cube and Other Short Stories”. I’m just going to translate an old issue of Killer Kamote Komiks before to English because I wrote it in Tagalog/Filipino language last June of 2015:

This is the direct link of the comic I’m talking about:

I am also going to add a short three-page short story, called, “Ice Cube” (new material) and add flat colors again for this issue of Killer Kamote Komiks issue # 17 -coming soon in February 2017. 😀

Thank you for your time reading my comics! Keep on checking my site for updates. That’s it for now. 😀


Dog of God (January 2017)

January 4, 2017

Hi all,

I’m finally done with my latest comic, “Dog of God”. I tried to compress the PDF file but it’s still 11 MB, so sorry for that. More than 50 percent of this was made digitally unlike all of my previous comics except for some though like, “Bad Hair Day” last October of 2016. Anyway, here you go, you can read it now. I hope you guys would like this one. 😀

Till the next issue of Killer Kamote Komiks! Bye for now! 😀


Direct link to PDF file format:




















New Killer Kamote Komiks Logo

December 25, 2016


I’ve just made a new simple logo for Killer Kamote Komiks. I’ll be putting this logo on the cover page of every issue of Killer Kamote Komiks. I started making comics last November 2014 and uploaded it online or published it online -the very first issue # 1 on March of 2015. The latest issue will be posted next year, January of 2017. I’m still working on the latest issue, issue # 16, “Dog of God”. 😀

Thanks a lot to everyone reading Killer Kamote Komiks!

Happy Holidays to you all! 😀


Private Hell

December 13, 2016.


I’m still currently working on my latest comic, “Dog of God” from time to time. In the meantime, here’s an old crappy charcoal illustration of mine that I found on my laptop’s hard drive while I was cleaning my files. Albeit, I already lost this though, I only have this pic of the actual illustration.

Happy Holidays to all of you people who reads my comics! 😀



Komikon 2016


November 19, 2016. My Komikon 2016 comics, art prints and a book that I got from the event. I think the best thing that I got is this book about R.Crumb, “Your Vigor for Life Appalls me”. I decided to head home early and just spend the rest of my Komikon 2016 budget for comics and all sorts for the PC gaming headset and mouse that you can see on the right side of the image, which I will give to my siblings. 😀


A photo I took from the event, around 11AM. It’s too, crowded but I had fun, specially meeting the comics people friends that I know who participated as an exhibitor/comics artist.

I wasn’t able to focus my camera properly when I took this pic because of the crowd. Nothing to say anymore except I really had a blast, even for a short while. Special thanks to the Komikon organizers, my “comic people friends”, exhibitors of the event and to the artists of the art prints that I bought, (they’re quite pricey). They all look great and I will hang them on the wall in my room. Thanks to Sir Sandy (he’s the owner of Comic Odyssey, a comic book shop), for bringing alternative comics that I got from them, even on the past events, I’ve always found gems from the comics they would sell at comic events. I also bought a few comics at the Indie Tiangge section and I’d also like to apologize to the comics people friends that I passed by and didn’t grab their comics because of my tight budget and because I’m thinking of buying a new electric guitar. heh heh.heh 😀

Happy Holidays to everyone!

I’ll start making my newest comics, “Dog of God” by January 2017.


Dog of God Preview


November 11, 2016. Writing my next comics project, not sure if I’m still going to add jokes or finish this now. It’s already 10 pages long. I am going to make this, “Dog of God” probably by January 2017. This time it’ll be in comics form unlike my previous work, “Bad Hair Day”, where it’s pure words with a bit of illustrations. It’s another tragic comedy story and if you like my kind of sense of humor, modesty aside, this is going to be funnier and better than my previous work. At least that’s what I think about this. 😀


Another comic event in less than 2 weeks

November 9, 2016

Hi all,

Komikon 2016 is fast approaching. It’s coming in less than two weeks. So, if you can drop by then please do so.

Let’s support our local comics industry. 😀

I was browsing my Facebook account and I’ve seen this video from Komiket’s Facebook page (a comic event also here in Manila) a few weeks ago:

The video above is made by Mr. Andy Kunz. You can check his account on Youtube:

It’s really fun to go to a comic convention and comic events here in Manila it’s just like the video you can see above. 😀

Events like these two comic events, Komiket and Komikon really helps our local comic artists/writers promote and show their work out there. I know making comics will not make you wealthy but I know most of these comic artists/writers just want to share their work, express themselves, tell their own stories to other comic artists and comic readers out there. You make comics because you love comics. You do it; for the love of comics, that should be the first thing in your mind when you want to make comics. You know that feeling, once you’ve put out a comic that you made yourself, it gives you this feeling of fulfillment that money can’t buy. I don’t know if any of you guys feel that way but that’s just me, I guess. Even if other people give negative criticisms about your work, I suggest to take it like a compliment as you’ve given the reader different sorts of emotions/feelings after reading the comic. Albeit, I’m not saying for you to be a downright asswipe. Learn from their criticisms and make better comics. It also won’t hurt if indie comic artists/writers get paid as I know it’ll help us make more comics in the future so give support in any way you can. I think if you’re an indie comic creator, you can’t do this for a living as you’ll not survive because you’ve got to shell out dough for your daily expenses, bills and whatnot not unless you’ve finally got some sponsors, publishers and merchandise. We still need a job. 😀

Let’s support our local comics industry!

Komiket FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Komiket/426291664188152?fref=ts

Komikon Website: www.komikon.org

Komikon FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/komikon.org/


Make this blog like an actual blog

November 5, 2016


Happy Holidays to everyone out there! From now on, I am going to try to make this wordpress site like an actual blog. When I’m not posting my own webcomics, sometimes I’ll post actual blog entries and of course I’m going to talk about comics, most specially the local comics industry here in Manila.

I’ve also created a YouTube account so I can post videos as well. But most of the time, I’m going to post videos of myself playing musical instruments, events that happen to me and probably some time lapse of myself illustrating something. I’ll try that one of these days. You can see the link at the bottom left side of this blog. Just scroll down and you’ll see the links together with my online portfolio. So if any of you guys would want me to draw/create graphics and whatnot for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I still need a job. 😀


The image you can see above is an original comic art given to me by one of my friends at Chain Mason, David Sysing @davidsafonik at instagram. Looks really great. C.B. Cebulski (He is a talent scout from Marvel comics) went on one of the comic events here in Manila a few months ago and searched for new artists that could possibly work for Marvel comics. If you don’t know any Filipino comic artist who works for major publishers of comics like Marvel, Whilce Portacio, Gerry Alanguilan, Leinil Yu and Edgar Tadeo, are just to name a few.

If I’m not mistaken, David gave C.B. his portfolio and I really hope that he breaks into mainstream comics industry like Marvel comics. Not only him though but to all my fellow comic artists that gave Sir C.B. Cebulski their portfolio for him to review. I wish them all the best. As for me I think I am really not for mainstream comics because I work better alone, as an artist and as a writer (I like to write my own stories) and my default drawing style is also really not for mainstream comics because I suck at drawing comics the mainstream way. I need to study human anatomy figure more so I can draw better, not unless if I use photo references for my illustrations; then perhaps I can somehow possibly manage to draw like the pro’s. Maybe I can try and pitch the comics that I’ve made in the past and the comics that I’ll make in the future to indie or other comic publishers out there. If you guys are wondering when will I be making comics again, I’m going to continue making webcomics again next year, 2017. 😀

That’s it for now.