High on Life Preview [Issue # 20; for June 2017] and process on how I make indie/webcomics

UPDATE: May 22, 2017
Hello guys,
Here’s the cover page and the process on how I make my indie/webcomics. I’m going to start making issue # 20 for June 2017, “High on Life” Chapter 1 come June. I’ve also updated my online portfolio site this past weekend:
If you think I fit your needs for a graphic artist/illustrator, just message so we can talk and let’s see if we can do something, okay? Thanks!

So, here’s my process. There are a lot of ways to do this and I’m not saying this is the best way because you can do all this digitally. I am just sharing my own process:
First off, I pencil the page:

And then, I ink over my pencils using technical pens and markers:

Now, I scan the inked illustration at 300 dpi to have my lineart ready and then I will clean it on Photoshop:

Lastly, I put flat colors for the lineart. This is the cover page. Sometimes though, I paint it digitally but most of the time since I started adding colors to the cover pages of my indie/webcomics, I just put flat colors into it. And that’s it. It’s done.


May 8, 2017
Sketches of the main characters below. Click the image to view a larger size of the image.

Rappler’s list of Filipino Webcomic Artists to follow (I’m on the list!)

May 6, 2017

Hey there,

I want to thank Ms. Nile Villa of Rappler.com for including me on the list of Filipino webcomic artists to follow.
Visit their site to view the list, click the link below. 😀



I’m not sure if they’d put you on the list as long as your webcomic is made by a Filipino. Albeit, you can count on your fingers the number of webcomics made by Filipinos based in the Philippines. We really do have a small local indie/webcomics industry here in Manila. Let’s support each other. 😀

Screenshot image:

[ISSUE # 19] A Trip Way Down Memory Lane and Some Gags

May 1, 2017

Hi guys,

You can now read the latest issue of Killer Kamote Komiks, “A Trip Way Down Memory Lane and Some Gags”; issue # 19. This issue is a bit short on pages as there are only 10 comics pages but I got something really good coming out soon, hopefully in June, if not, then it will come out July. 😀

I work on my indie/webcomics on and off for a few hours everyday/every other day or so whenever I’m free from freelance illustration/graphic design gigs. 😀 It takes some time for me to come up with ideas for my comics. But, you guys can’t say I’m lazy because I create new content almost every month. 😀

Thank you for your time!


PDF link:


Summer Komikon 2017 Haul

April 1, 2016

Hello guys,

First off, the things you can see above are my Summer Komikon 2017 haul. I bought only a couple of comics and some art prints as I’ve decided to just use my remaining budget for this comic event for the little box you can see on the upper right corner of this image. It’s an electric guitar effects pedal together with a patch cable and a daisy chain. I’m rekindling my passion for playing music again seriously as I’m planning to join a band someday. I just don’t know when’s the exact time though. I am slowly building my guitar effects pedals. 😀

I am really glad that I got to see my comics people friends again this summer, my brothers at Chain Mason group and to all the others as well, Chuck and his girlfriend, Patty (she looked a lot taller now), Julius, Sir Andrew (AOA), Jess (whom I couldn’t find at the main hall in Bayanihan Center and even in the indie section), Sir Paolo, Sir Mark, Ms. Tepai and Maiza, Gioseppe and Giosdesk, Sir Jon and the rest of the Komikon organizers and to all the indie comics artists at the indie tiangge section, let’s keep making comics. 😀 I also wanted to buy Toto’s (Libreng Komiks) latest book but a lot of people are lined up when I stopped by his table so perhaps next time. I’ve also seen this girl that I followed before on her Instagram but she blocked me. Probably because I look like a creepy old man like Seymour from the graphic novel/movie, Ghost World. I was buying a comic from Jhorlie and her brother, Jheffer, (1921 comics) which I’ve got acquainted as well in the past comic conventions that I went to and her table is beside them so I felt really awkward because of the thing I just said (the part where I followed her on her Instagram and got blocked). Her name is Hulyen. I was actually a fan of her comics before, the hipster Hulyen part. I apologize for that. 😀 I also bought Fatima and Adrienne’s (Ligaya Komiks) latest comic, “Friendzoned” and a little postcard art print from them. There’s a lot of pretty faces that I’ve seen today at Komikon. I know it’s not all about aesthetics though. I also dropped by at the Indie section and bought some indie comics as well like from Mharz and Tori Tadiar. And then I also saw Carol again, I just don’t know if she saw me when I walked past their table at the comics event as she’s busy doing something. She’s a part of our “little situation” and I can say that all these women that I mentioned look cute. I know this sounds so corny and I’m not a lonely git trying to pick up a girl at a comic convention (excluding Carol because she’s a part of our situation. After all these years we all grew up together.) but I also don’t want to be a heterophobe. I am just admiring them though. The people I give thanks to on each of my comics got that covered for me. You can read that blog entry here for some info: http://killerkamotekomiks.com/?p=1300
And of course, I’m not saying that I look good for me to say who looks good or those who’s not. 😀

Lastly, Sir Mark Navarro (he’s also an organizer for a comic convention as well, Komiket) gave me some advice regarding the comics that I make and he also asked me why I don’t sell my comics anymore at comic conventions. It is because that there are only a few ones who really buy my comics and my own merchandise before and like what Sir Mark told me, probably the genre of my comic is not for the mainstream. Modesty aside, I can even say that there are a lot more foreign fans (worldwide, online) of my comics instead of local ones. I do have a few fans that I still cherish like Ranzell Rosales (he’s a high school student, also from Manila. I don’t know if he’s really a fan, LOL). I posted this message yesterday where I’m selling my original comic art (it’s pretty cheap, dirt cheap; actually) 30 bucks (in US Dollars) a page for my comics and about 100 bucks (in US Dollars) for a three, whole animation paper for a background art. Well-known and really good comics artists in other countries could sell these things I’m talking about for about a grand in US Dollars per page for their original comic art, if you’d compare the original comic art I was trying to sell. I don’t have an ego and I don’t think so highly of myself but I’m just a nobody from Manila and I know it’s a long shot but I’m trying to sell my original art for the prices I’ve already mentioned, really dirt cheap if you’d ask me and anyone who’s in their right mind would concur instantly. I’m also not saying that 30-100 bucks is cheap for me. I am just explaining that if a comics artist would try to sell his original art, it’d be worth more than that. But I’m not going to get rich if ever I’ll be able to sell them and I’m just trying to get a little help to those people who’s a fan of my work (if there is even any, LOL!) I’m not here to make a profit making comics. I just enjoy making comics and especially if I give the reader some emotions like laughter of some sort. But if I do make some dough making comics, it wouldn’t hurt a bit either as this is really what I want to do in life just like in Patreon.com or any websites like that. If you enjoy reading my webcomics, a buck or any amount donated to me each month like any webcomic artists out there does, which is they accept donation but nobody’s forcing you though. My webcomics is free for everyone. It’s just a simple gesture or way of appreciating the hard work of webcomic artists and of course, for the laughs or any kind of emotions or even constipation that the reader felt after reading my comics. If there’s a lot of people going to do that, it’d amount to a lot and it’ll surely help me make more comics for free for everyone to read and I also thought of actually just focusing on freelance work (illustration and graphics design) and just stop making comics anymore but I don’t know, sometimes I’m too lazy to make comics, sometimes I’m also really enthusiastic making one. All the comics I’ve made so far are my help and contribution to the indie/webcomics scene here in Manila. Thanks for the encouragement, Sir Mark, yes I’ll still make some more as long as I can. 😀


[ISSUE # 18] When Will It Rain? (March 2017)

Hello guys,

Here’s the latest issue of Killer Kamote Komiks, Issue # 18, March 2017. I decided to just upload it like this, like one of the comics that I made before, “Bad Hair Day”. This is all pure text/words as I’m too lazy to draw this but I promise that I’ll make up for this on the following issues, I’ll put drawings on my words again. Thanks! 😀

It’s another issue full of my usual silliness and also about regret, regret is always at the end like what they say. I am also going to write this in the first person view, like an autobiographical comic but in reality this is not me, I just came up with the story and I thought I’d give this a go. The jokes, however, usually comes from my surroundings, from my family, friends and people around me and most of the time, my own experiences in life like whenever I make a certain situation sound funny, debatable, I guess as sometimes people tell me I’m so corny. 😀 That’s the part of my own autobiography that I put on my comics most of the time except sometimes if I state, tell and put my own experiences in life on my comics other than silliness and corny jokes.


PDF format:


My Nephew Kyle (Illustration)

March 2, 2017

Hello guys,

I just wanted to post this here as well. It’s my digital painting of my nephew. He’s going to be baptized this coming Saturday and tomorrow, I’m going to print this on a glossy photo paper and probably frame it also and give it to my cousin and her husband; for Kyle, my nephew. 😀 I used a photo reference for this one. 😀


Tabon Kid (Animatic/Short Animation)

February, 28, 2017


This is an animatic (but I already consider it as sort of like a short animation), named, Tabon Kid. I made this last 2009, it’s almost a decade old. At first I was really enthusiastic making this but after a few weeks of working on it, I got so lazy so I just made it look like an animatic/storyboard and I still just really wanted to finish this even if it would look really crappy. I also lost the high-resolution video of this that’s why it looks blurry. If I’d post a high-res version of this I’d have to composite every image frame that I drew for this again. I know it sucks really bad. It’s like it was made by a very young kid doodling on a wall with a crayon. I was also a lot younger back then, if I’m not mistaken, I was about 25 or 26 years old when I made this personal project of mine of a 2D traditional short animation. I thought after all these years, I’d just finally post it online. I also converted this into comics form. Again, pardon me if the timing, in-betweens, follow-throughs on this animation is a bit off and if most of the motions looks poorly animated or any other aspect of animation you’d have to follow to create animation, I know this sucks! 😀




If you can’t see the video above, try this below:

“Colored People”

“Colored People” February 13, 2017.

FYI(to those people who reads and follows my comics, if there’s any. heh heh) I just want to give credits to the people I give thanks to on my credits/thank you page at the end of each comic that I make. Sometimes they would also suggest and give me some notions to work on for my comics. 😀

On the top is Luis Buenaventura, those links on the image are his websites and if you search him on the internet, you’ll find tons of websites that he owns. It’s like he owns the world wide web.

This is Liz Buenaventura, she’s a pro comic book colorist. Liz and Luis are siblings, Information Technology and all-around geeks. They’re part Filipino, part Brazilian.

Caroline, she’s part Chinese, part Filipino. They have their own website forum before who are mostly populated by writers and artists from the Philippines, Highfiber.org.

Up is April Tan but that is just a lookalike photo of her, that’s actually Armie Millare of the Filipino band Up Dharma Down, I don’t own this image, I just got this photo on the internet. April’s part Korean, part Chinese, part Filipino.

Piya Constantino. She’s also part Chinese, part Filipino, another writer and artist.

I guess you can call us ‘the colored people’ because of our diverse race but I’d like to think that we’re still all pure Filipinos. We’re all born and raised here in the Philippines.

My grandpa from my mother side is pure Chinese who immigrated here in the Philippines a very long time ago together with his brother so that gives me a bit of Chinese blood but I’m still pure Filipino. There are a lot of these people I’m talking about. These people I just mentioned are just to name a few. Another one of them is Jason Ortega, a sessionist drummer for another Filipino band, Slapshock. I think Luis and his friends also helped them and other Filipino rock bands have their own new music records and sponsors for their bands. Some of them are my sister’s friends and the rest are really old friends and I am waiting for them. You guys know who you are, to the mainstays and the rest of the gang. If someone related to the things I do such as comics, music, films, etc. contacted you and gave you all sorts of compensation for favors they’ve asked you, it’s them. They’re really intelligent, wealthy and powerful because of their influences and connections around the world. They even have connections all over the world who even make Hollywood movies in America.

Most of the people I give thanks to are also writers and artists like Carlo (he’s part Filipino, part American) and Mike who, after all these years is like my older brother. 😀