[ISSUE # 18] When Will It Rain? (March 2017)

Hello guys,

Here’s the latest issue of Killer Kamote Komiks, Issue # 18, March 2017. I decided to just upload it like this, like one of the comics that I made before, “Bad Hair Day”. This is all pure text/words as I’m too lazy to draw this but I promise that I’ll make up for this on the following issues, I’ll put drawings on my words again. Thanks! 😀

It’s another issue full of my usual silliness and also about regret, regret is always at the end like what they say. I am also going to write this in the first person view, like an autobiographical comic but in reality this is not me, I just came up with the story and I thought I’d give this a go. The jokes, however, usually comes from my surroundings, from my family, friends and people around me and most of the time, my own experiences in life like whenever I make a certain situation sound funny, debatable, I guess as sometimes people tell me I’m so corny. 😀 That’s the part of my own autobiography that I put on my comics most of the time except sometimes if I state, tell and put my own experiences in life on my comics other than silliness and corny jokes.


PDF format:
When Will It Rain



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