High on Life Preview [Issue # 20; for June 2017] and process on how I make webcomics

UPDATE: May 22, 2017
Hello guys,
Here’s the cover page and the process on how I make my indie/webcomics. I’m going to start making issue # 20 for June 2017, “High on Life” Chapter 1 come June. I’ve also updated my online portfolio site this past weekend:
If you think I fit your needs for a graphic artist/illustrator, just message so we can talk and let’s see if we can do something, okay? Thanks!

So, here’s my process. There are a lot of ways to do this and I’m not saying this is the best way because you can do all this digitally. I am just sharing my own process:
First off, I pencil the page:

And then, I ink over my pencils using technical pens and markers:

Now, I scan the inked illustration at 300 dpi to have my lineart ready and then I will clean it on Photoshop:

Lastly, I put flat colors for the lineart. This is the cover page. Sometimes though, I paint it digitally but most of the time since I started adding colors to the cover pages of my indie/webcomics, I just put flat colors into it. And that’s it. It’s done.


May 8, 2017
Sketches of the main characters below. Click the image to view a larger size of the image.

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