[ISSUE # 22] The Art of Silliness (Gag-A-Week Comics)

August 28, 2017

Ahoy there,

Here’s issue # 22 of Killer Kamote Komiks. All these 4 comic strips were originally posted in the span of four weeks since August 9, 2017 to August 29, 2017. I took a break making comics with storylines similar to the older issues of Killer Kamote Komiks, the single issue ones or issues with succeeding issues/series ones. At first I thought that I’m going to do this (make a comic strip every week but I already miss making comics with storylines so this will be the last for now but I’ll still make comics like these sometime in the future. The succeeding issue for this will have more pages and have a storyline just like the way before.


Download the PDF file (optimized for online viewing)
[Issue # 22] The Art of Silliness (gag-a-week-comics for August 2017)

Date posted – August 22, 2017

Date posted – August 16, 2017

Date posted – August 9, 2017

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