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September 2, 2017

Hello people!

I was searching for some freelance 3D/graphic design/illustration gigs a few weeks ago some time last month when I was making the “Art of Silliness” issue for Killer Kamote Komiks when I stumbled upon a post on the internet that there’s an open call for comic strip submissions for their Mag; named, Swampcone Magazine. So, I tried sending some of my work and they replied back and Miss Anna told me that my comic strip will be included on the first issue of Swampcone Mag.

They told me that their Mag’s goal is to spread Vancouver, BC, Canada’s comics to the world and comics from the world to Vancouver, BC, Canada. The payment isn’t that high once your comic strip gets approved but I am still grateful to them, fifteen bucks per page. This is also not just about money for me. Being included alongside other comics artists around the globe is really something for me. It means a lot to me. Now, as long as Miss Anna from Swampcone Magazine will put out new issues of their Mag every month or so, I’ll try to be a regular comic strip contributor to their Magazine.

I am looking for comics publishers (locally or internationally) and if there are some out there reading this, please consider my work. I already have more than three hundred pages or so of pure silliness the Killer Kamote Komiks goodness way. Instead of searching for freelance 3D/graphic design/illustration gigs from time to time and among my group of friends, I’d rather just make comics instead. If I can do that full time and focus on making comics, I’d drop everything I’m doing and just start and treat making comics as a full-time day job. I used to self-publish my own comics before but I stopped. I want to avoid all the hassles of self-publishing my own comics, the laying out of the pages, going to print shops and printing them, stapling or binding all the pages and all sorts of those things you need to do to self-publish your own comics.

There’s also a person and their company who contacted me a few days ago and asked me to be a part of their pool of their comics artist and possibly earn some monetary compensation for my comics but I still can’t say anything about them until it’s final or I guess if it’s finally approved or until they say so that I can finally talk about it. Anyway, it’s still not sure if this thing will push through.

If you guys also notice, I don’t put google ads or any kind of ads that can be put on websites on my own website. I think those ads will just annoy the hell out of the readers. Most especially the pop-up ads. I’m saying all these things so that if someone out there can help me just keep on making comics and stop doing freelance 3D/graphic design/illustration gigs, you can do so by contacting me and I’ll thank you and be grateful to you and just do what I want to do until the end of space and time. And that is to make silly comics. Not just silly comics though, you can download all my comics for free and see what kind of comics I make. I also promise to make it better and improve the quality of my comics in the future.

More than a decade ago, a year before I was to graduate from a civil engineering degree, I transferred school and decided to take up animation instead. Afterwards, I had a short day job stint as a 3D/graphic artist/copywriter in an advertising and an Information Technology outsourcing company somewhere here in Manila but I decided to quit and just be a full-time freelance artist and now, I still continue to do that and make webcomics on my spare time. I should’ve taken fine arts or any other degree related to making comics though but you get what I mean as this is what I want to do with my life. Or, be a rock n’ roll musician.

More Killer Kamote Komiks for everyone in the future!


Support us by grabbing a copy of Swampcone Magazine. You can see my name on number 18.

You can grab a copy of Swampcone Magazine’s very first issue on their website.

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