Killer Kamote Komiks at Komikon Indieket 2015

Hello there!

Last August 15, 2015 was Komikon Indieket and I attended the event. It was really fun. I had a blast. Thanks to all the people who bought some of my comics. I also want to thank the other indie artists that I met in person during the event and also to all the organizers, sponsors and everyone else who became a part of this. I also bought a few indie comics for myself from the other indie artists. You can check out some photos that I took below:

At the ingress and preparation around quarter to seven in the morning:

During the event:

Indie Komiks that I bought from other artists at the event. Yey!

Thanks a lot for the experience, Komikon Indieket! To the people who bought my comics and to the other artists, see you again this coming Komiket (Komiks Market) in October.


Killer Kamote Komiks at Komikon Indieket 2015 Advertisement

Hello there,

Killer Kamote Komiks will be going to Komikon Indieket this coming August 15, 2015. I will be there as an indie artist and sell the 2 issues of Mang Gayber, Tabon Kid and the first compilation of Killer Kamote Komiks (I started selling this at Komiket last Easter Sunday) This issue is from my comics dated since I started creating last November of 2014 up to April 7, 2015. That is issue number 1 of Killer Kamote Komiks. All the comics from that specified date up to this day will be for Killer Kamote Komiks issue no. 2. I think I will sell it (Killer Kamote Komiks Issue # 2) at Komiket this October of 2015 and also if I’ll be able to create something new aside from the weekly Killer Kamote Komiks for issue number 2 that I can add up to it before October. Drop by at table E16 if you want to buy any of the comics I mentioned for only 50 Pesos. Or, you can always just visit this website for free to check on my comics. ^___^ I am not going to make a profit here, I would just like to promote my comics and support our local comics scene here in our country. It almost seems like all the money I shelled out photocopying my comics will just shoulder the expenses I made, breakeven, if I’ll be able to sell any of my work.

Please do check out the following links of Komikon Indieket:

Thank you very much,

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Killer Kamote Komiks Issue # 1 at Komiket

Hello all,

I went to Komiket (The First Filipino Komiks Market) a while ago to sell my comics and also to buy some comics for myself. There were actually 9 persons who bought my comics and I want to say big thanks to you people. I met Sir Gerry Alanguilan ( and bought his comics together with Sir Carlo San Juan’s Callous Comics (www.callouscomics). I met fellow comic artists, publishers, comic readers and just people who love comics in general. I also met Sir Norby Ela of I would also like to thank all the organizers of Komiket for bringing Pinoy Geeks together. Albeit, I decided to leave the event at around 4 in the afternoon. I don’t want to go home late because I have some freelance work that I have to do. I was a bit star strucked when I have seen the likes of Rob Cham, Sir Gerry Alanguilan, Sir Budgette Tan and even Manix Abrera but I didn’t really see Manix as I went home early like what I mentioned, just to name a few whom I think are the main pillars and the most popular writers and artists here in our local comic industry here in the Philippines. I also got some new friends, got acquainted to other artists, writers in our local comics industry like the guys from Komikult.

You can expect a brand new comic update this coming week.

For some reason, linking an URL doesn’t work this time, so pardon me for not putting links to the people whom I mentioned. Here are some of the few people whom I said. Just please copy and paste them into your browsers if you want to view them.

Gerry Alanguilan:
Carlo Jose San Juan:
Lakan At Makisig:
StrVnge Thigns: